Tumi Flagship and Art Installation, Hong Kong

Tumi, K11 Musea, Hong Kong, 2019, 56 sqm

Tumi's vision for its new flagship in the Art-focused K11 Musea Mall was to create a wholly new experience for Tumi customers in Asia.

Given the art-centric brief, Studio Cassells conceptualized a retail experience that seamlessly integrates interior design and art installation.

The process began by exploring a number of conceptual directions including kinetic installations, interactive LED displays and AR experiences. The chosen concept playfully references Tumi's own product as a kinetic backdrop for a projection-mapped custom art piece by local artist Bao.

The suitcase installation was created by 3D scanning an original Tumi 19 degree carry-on suitcase which was then digitally modified. The 45 suitcases are each individually driven by an electric servo motor, allowing each piece to rotate independently. During the development of the installation, Studio Cassells designed the suitcase motion sequence through animation which was then followed by the production house programmers.  

In collaboration with local artist Bao, Studio Cassells helped to imagine her artwork coming to life, with the projected characters interacting with the moving kinetic sculpture

The retail space was designed to integrate the projected kinetic installation with the surrounding shelving and freestanding display elements, blending Tumi product, artistic collaboration, spatial design and installation into one unique retail experience.