David Cassells


Moving fluidly between object, environment, installation and everything in-between, David’s love is to create emmersive experiences that draw people in to a narrative and captivate them with detail.

David relishes the opportunity to collaborate with artisans and experts from neighbouring fields and isn’t afraid to push concept and construction to new and unexpected places.

Trained originally as an Industrial Designer in NZ, David diverged into exhibition design early in his career, moving to Hong Kong to work as a temporary exhibition designer from 2007-08.

Returning to New Zealand in 2009 he collaborated with Story Inc, Wellington on two major cultural exhibitions, the Rotorua Museum of Art and History and the Te Ahu Library and Museum center, working together with local cultural groups, artists and historians to create accessible and engaging visitor experiences.

In David’s role as Creative Director, Design Manager at Studio Cassells he is involved at all stages of a project from the development of initial narrative and master.


Lucy Cant


Lucy’s passion is people- what their quirks are and what makes them tick.

She loves the challenge of understanding experiences from a completely different perspective and the thrill of uncovering unexpected insights that just might change everything…

Trained as an Industrial designer, Lucy worked first in the film industry for Weta Workshops, Wellington, NZ helping develop, prototype and manufacture props, costume, weapons and armor for films including The Hobbit, District 9, Avatar, the Lovely Bones and The Narnia Chronicles.

To pursue her interest in product design and research, Lucy moved to Shanghai in 2011 working as Senior Product designer for German design consultancy Wild Design.

Now a co-founder of Studio Cassells, Lucy has applied her interested in design research to Museum narrative development, master planning and interactive development, design and project management.