Discovery World, Science Centre Concept,

Otago Museum, New Zealand

Otago Museum, Dunedin New Zealand - 2015 - 1275 sqm

Alongside Story Inc, Studio Cassells was commissioned to conceptualise the revamp of the Otago Science Museum. A key request of the brief was to develop an ‘Ordering Principle’ that would help tie together the enormous breadth of topics and information to be covered in gallery. In order to support the scientific content of the exhibition, as well as honor the cultural heritage of the area, Story Inc and Studio Cassells developed a series of fundamental questions and formed them around a spiral, referencing Takarangi, the Maori spiral of creation. This Created an installation suspended from the cieling, that morphed between forms and text throughout the space to guide visitors’ journey.

Spaces that were developed included; an Exhibition of Interactives, A Children's Classroom and Sleepover Space, A Canteen, a Science Lab, and a Theatre. Studio Cassells scope included concept design, design development, graphic design concept.