Future Makers, Science Center Singapore

Science Center Singapore, Singapore - 2019

Studio Cassells partnered with Story Inc of New Zealand to create the Future Makers exhibition for Science Center Singapore. Opened in June 2019, the exhibition aims to  elevate the work of engineers and promote engineering as a career pathway for young Singaporeans. 

The main attraction of the exhibition is a Robot Object Theatre. Through videos and synchronised movement, the four screen-holding robots work together to explain the history and scope of engineering. They also introduce a challenge for exhibition visitors to participate in.

Throughout the main exhibition area, visitors learn about the engineering challenges behind the invention of mega structures, rockets, medicines, foods and fashion. Visitors must complete challenge interactives at each station and collect codes as they go. This then allows them to partake in the final stage of the exhibition - the alien themed Escape Room experience.

Inside the escape room, guests have 20 minutes to use engineering concepts to repair and re-activate a crashed spacecraft in order to prevent an impending alien invasion.