‘Builder City’ Play Area, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Marina Club, ‘Kids on 8’ Play Centre, Hong Kong, 2019

Studio Cassells created ‘Builder City’ for Aberdeen Marina Club in Hong Kong as part of their extensive children’s play area and recreation facilities.

Featuring the characters Suzy Sparks, Henry Hammer and Sprocket the dog (created by Studio Cassells for the zone), the area aimed to maximise play opportunities around the theme of building. The theming was designed as a colourful, busy city with 3D buildings, cranes and a large bridge centrepiece.

Play activities included; custom house and skyscraper foam building blocks, a road for ride-on diggers and trucks, a work-bench for wooden building toys, flower-planting garden, real digger with ball-pit, Henry’s Truck, and a costume area with costumes and accessories to match the Builder City characters.