Who are we?

Studio Cassells is a Hong Kong based creative consultancy, working across multiple disciplines to provide engaging solutions for our clients. We gather insights from research, experimentation and experience, to create meaningful ways for the audience to experience and interact with your brand, product or space.

What we do?

Our work focuses on Museum and Exhibition design, Retail, Co-work and Educational spaces, with the addition of Research and Product design.

Our Approach

We believe in a research driven approach, gaining insights from project stakeholders, and case studies of what has been previously designed. Our studio utilises narrative to drive the space, in the context of a museum this is often the story of a culture or scientific discovery, in the context of a retail space it is the brand story and identity. We believe in blurring the lines between design disciplines, as this cross pollination of ideas allows us to create unique experiences for the client and customer alike. Our goal is to create spaces and experience that engage and educate the customer, visitor or student.


“Our studio focuses on a process of collaboration.”

David Cassells & Lucy Cant |  Founder & Co-Founder

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